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A Young Gentleman's Abusive And Hazardous Drinking Leads To A DUI And Time In Jail
Richard had an exceptionally hard time maintaining a job. To be sure, because of his sluggishness and lack of motivation, he was out of a job far more regularly than he was in work. And when he did get employment, he had an exceptionally hard time getting to work when his shift started, he characteristically got less than optimal performance evaluations, and he called off sick so habitually that he regularly got fired three or four weeks after he began working.

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It almost goes without saying that one of the consequences of Richard's unacceptable work record was the fact that he was without much money from day-to-day. Regardless of Richard's shameful employment record and financial misbehavior, then again, by some means he made it his business to drink in an excessive manner from day-to-day.

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So it came as no big jolt when Richard got arrested for a fourth DUI. When he went to court, the magistrate clearly stated to Richard that his alcohol-related actions was deplorable and, consequently, he was going to sentence Richard to spend ten months in the county jail.

During his time while locked up in jail, Richard was required to learn more about alcoholism facts such as alcohol related effects and alcohol deaths, about the harmful consequences of irresponsible and hazardous drinking, and he was expected to get alcohol treatment. The magistrate underscored the fact that unless Richard receives quality alcohol therapy and discovers how to live a life of abstinence, he will probably be spending a considerable amount of time in the local jail.

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Richard articulated that he comprehended what the judge was pronouncing but he still proclaimed that placement in the local jail was not the correct sentence. The magistrate saw things in an entirely different way and stated that it was his professional duty to keep alcoholics off the streets who drive under the influence and who get arrested for a DWI. To authenticate this statement, the judge articulated some long-standing, thoroughly evaluated alcohol abuse and alcohol dependency statistics and facts that underlined some of the injurious outcomes that are associated with irresponsible and hazardous drinking such as alcohol related deaths.

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Although Richard comprehended that he drank in a hazardous and excessive manner, he never believed that he was an individual who was addicted to alcohol. So it was a real shocker when Richard started suffering from chronic alcoholism signs and symptoms and alcohol withdrawal symptoms nearly seven-and-a-half after getting locked up in the local jail.

To deal with his alcohol withdrawal symptoms in a safe and sound manner, Richard was taken by ambulance to a drug and alcohol treatment hospital for alcohol detox and then returned to the city jail. While locked up in the county jail Richard undertook alcohol therapy but due to the fact that he got this counseling as something that was mandated for him, he did not take ownership of his careless drinking.

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When his time in the municipal jail was finished, the magistrate without faltering told Richard that he would be under stringent surveillance and would be mandated to take random breath alcohol tests. After hearing how Richard did not take ownership of his drinking problem and how he unenthusiastically followed the rehabilitation modus operandi while in the city jail, the judge knew that it was just a matter of time before he would be seeing Richard once again in court about his excessive drinking behavior.

As the magistrate reflected on Richard's situation, he couldn't help but think about how some individuals never use their intellect and discover how to live in a mature and accountable manner.

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